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DomainRacer Review: Right Web Host for You

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domainracer web hosting review


If you get some unknown restrictions every day, having all kind of limits exceeded here and there, then your web server is not best for you. Some web hosting providers are not mentioning their real limits for user hoping they will not use many resources. When your website starts creating some real traffic, you may be in trouble in this kind of web servers. And this kind of problems I have faced before.

So it is always good to know how much disk space and bandwidth you have available in particular server, so you know how close to the limits you are on particular time moment. My experience with this kind of problem I would start thinking looking for the best server and I switched. Now I have been with DomainRacer. My experience with DomainRacer is very good.

Now latest features provided by DomainRacer are,

  • Powerful SSD Servers
  • ModSecurity Protection
  • MagicSpam Pro Email Filter
  • 20x Faster LiteSpeed Tech

I am using DomainRacer from 1year without any issue. They will give 24/7 service I like this hosting and also install options and cPanel design very clear and simple. This is an excellent hosting provider services. They are giving unlimited bandwidth. So this is best web hosting provider. Now we will go through Domain Racer Hosting reviews to understand more about my domainracer.com reviews.

DomainRacer web hosting has three best features: Affordable, reliable and secure: these are the main factors of a good hosting company.

Quick Fact’s: To the need to grow your business?

  • Low cost Host and Domain? Yup.
  • Payment Methods Accepted: Debit cards, credit cards and PayPal.
  • 99% Uptime: Different in Web Hosting Industry, Last 12 month average uptime (2016–2017):
  1. May uptime(2016): 99.96%
  2. June uptime(2016): 100.00%
  3. July uptime(2016): 99.95%
  4. August uptime(2016): 99.95%
  5. September (2016) uptime: 99.99%
  6. October(2016) uptime: 99.96%
  7. November (2016) uptime: 99.97%
  8. December (2016) uptime: 99.89%
  9. January uptime(2017): 99.99%
  10. February uptime(2017): 100.00%
  11. March uptime(2017): 99.99%
  12. April uptime(2017): 99.98%
  • Page Loading Speed : Its fast SSD hosting so, page loading very fast due to SSD technology
  • Control Panel & Dashboard Experience: Simple, easy to manage control panel. They provides a control panel which is designed for ease-of-use, and which is ideal even for beginners.
  • Installation of CMSs : WordPress, Joomla, etc. installation quick and very easy!

Good Security -You should be safe with DomainRacer

DomainRacer security options are good, offering tools that combat some of the most common website risks.They are secured by ModSecurity and MagicSpam. It is protected by a customized firewall. It protects your site against DDoS attacks.They also provide Free SSL to protect your site from brute force attack

domain racer security review quality

For example, you can prevent spam with tools like Magic Spam. They support CloudFlare, which helps prevent pesky DDoS attacks that can bring a site down with an overwhelming amount of traffic from different sources.

They also offer hot link protection for preventing people from stealing your content or images, IP address blacklists to block problematic individuals and SSH access for secure web sessions.

Also they provides ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (CXS) and ConfigServer Security & Firewall(CFS) are the tools from us that performs active scanning of files as they are uploaded to the server.

DomainRacer WordPress Hosting Plan

For starters, Domain Racer WordPress Hosting Plan costs just 47 / Month. When compared to the other top web hosting companies, they have a low pricing.

The advanced DomainRacer WordPress Hosting plan gives you a freedom of space, bandwidth and disk space. If you’re planning on increasing your contents, quality of your business then the plans like Business they help you in getting a quality service.

domainracer.com web hosting review

Cloud SSD Hosting Service

DomainRacer Reseller Hosting Plan

Reseller hosting plans by DomainRacer is the starting price of 399/Month, they offer you with a lot of facilities. Users can choose according to their requirements and plans. With the pricing being low then the competitors, you can be satisfied.

The segregated plans like the starter, DR-500, Dr-1000 and DR-No limit. You can select what’s best for you. DR-1000 and DR-No limit giving you a lot then you can ask is for hosting a huge website whereas starter and DR-500 for small and mid-ranged respectively.

domain racer hosting reviews reseller

SSD Reseller Hosting with free WHMCS

DomainRacer is worth Money

DomainRacer is a money-worth as I am using it for two years and have never faced issues. And whatever the problems I was faced in my past with other sites, that problems were solved by DomainRacer staff very quickly, so I would highly recommend DomainRacer to all the new bloggers & webmasters.

DomainRacer act as a most affordable way of getting your website hosted, with plans that start from as low as 47/month. They may not be for everyone, and by that I mean to say, they are more focused on helping small sized businesses and individuals. With a strong customer support area, worthy features DomainRacer really does an excellent job in this sector. Hope you like this domainracer.com reviews, please comment below your opinion about domainracer hosting review.

DomainRacer Discount 2017 – Get 40% OFF

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domainracer discount coupon code

We are happy to announce you some deals with DomainRacer Coupon Code to get some exclusive offers, to our readers and provide you to get up to 40 % off on their web hosting. Basically, DomainRacer is popular for three key features. Those three are security, speed, and great support. They also provide promotional code for student and renewal of service.

DomainRacer Coupon Code Flat Offer

  • 10% LIFETIME OFF Web Hosting :   DRLIFETIME
  • 12% ONE TIME OFF Web Hosting :  DR12HOST

DomainRacer is one of the best Web hosting providers. DomainRacer promo code will save your 40% via this DomainRacer promotion codes.

So what all do you get?

  • It comes with an uptime of about 99.9% sure
  • MagicSpam Pro Email Filter
  • Latest Upgrade PHP Perl Version
  • SSD hosting with 20x Faster LiteSpeed Tech
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space they are provided
  • Comes up with secure shell, secured SSL and FTP
  • Suited for all platform (Multiple Programming Languages)
  • ModSecurity Protection

One of the biggest advantages of choosing DomainRacer for your web needs is the availability of numerous DomainRacer Coupons. You can easily save a good sum of money by using these coupons.


Before you get your website up and running on the internet you need to ensure that it’s secure. For that purpose, you may have to buy security certificates and create backups of your important files, so that all your data is safe from getting lost forever. DomainRacer offers a variety of security certificates and backup plans to ensure that your website remains safe from malware.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates have become a must for every website that wants to assure its clients and visitors of their authentication and credibility. DomainRacer offers the best quality SSL certificates at reasonable prices to safeguard your website against vulnerabilities and make it more SEO friendly.

DomainRacer Promo Codes will save you an enormous amount of money on DomainRacer products and services. With DomainRacer SSL Certificates you get 100% security for your website. DomainRacer discount at present is the leading hosting provider who gives the best protection at affordable prices.

DomainRacer Coupon Code Flat Offer

  • 10% LIFETIME OFF Web Hosting :   DRLIFETIME
  • 12% ONE TIME OFF Web Hosting :  DR12HOST

If you are looking for a reputable hosting provider with quality service at a reasonable price, DomainRacer should be your choice.

Kontent machine Review – AtoZ Guide, Tutorial & 50% Discount

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Building content for link building is time consuming and costly. To rank on Google we need high quality backlink and relevancy. To create highly relevant content we can do via freelancing services, but total instimate will go  out of the budget. I had also faced the same issue and In fact I wrote article for link building myself. This will took me almost 3 to 4 days to write few articles.

So, Today I am here with solution to build quality tier links. Brand new tool for link building, Kontent Machine 3 an automated 100% unique and highly relevant content building tool. I am going to give you kontent machine review, so this will help you to optimize your money site.

Kontent machine review will covers all proms and coins to guide you to take decision. This help you to choose best tool for spinning as well as content SEO Benefits. Get in touch with kontent machine discount. Because following kontent machine 3 provide you up to 40% discount, that to for limited time.

Some influential backlink building software is GSA search engine ranker and ultimate demon. The best feature of GSA Search engine ranker is, it scans the highly relevant and high authority sites on the web and try to get links from those sources.

Features of kontent machine 3 review are :

  1. It corrects the writing content spontaneously and harvests the quality content.
  2. It generates content for some specific tools like SENuke, Ultimate Demon, GSA SER, Sick Submitter etc.
  3. It keeps in mind LSI terms and produce relevant contents according to it.
  4. Popular spinning tools integrartion (KM Spinner, SpinnerChief, SpinChimp, Spin Rewriter, The Best Spinner, WordAi).
  5. It produces quality articles for tier link building.
  6. It also provides auto blogger integration.
  7. It has 100% relevance in categories and tags.
  8. It also contains powerful spintax.
  9. It generates Title, Summary and Resource box for articles.
  10. It contains 100% relevant images and video.

Kontent machine can integrated with:

Link Building Tools

  1. Ultimate Demon
  2. GSA Search Engine Ranker
  3. Licorne AIO
  4. Article Kevo
  5. SENuke XCR (trial free 14 days)
  6. Magic Submitter.

Blog Management

  1. RankWYZ

Spinning Software

  1. The Best Spinner
  2. Word AI (trial free 3 days)
  3. Spinner Chief (trial free 3 days)
  4. Chimp Rewriter Pro
  5. Spin Rewriter(trial free 5 days)

How does a kontent machine example work?

At first, while starting the work with the software the keywords should be entered which are to be used in the article.Then the software will start working on its own scratching articles. It will take articles from more than one sources and uses after jumbling up all these. Next, the articles can be twisted with the help of the spinner and the exact outcome can be got from this. Sometimes the exact outcome may not come. In that rewriting should be done. So, in spite of not being perfect, it is perfect enough to use for work. Because it gives the highest output within a very short time. With the opening of kontent machine software there will appear 6 small icons which reads like tools, blueprints, new, quick, saved and black. For starting an article, it should be started with a new icon and then go with the flow.

In the kontent machine 3 you can create new campaign, open already saved one, do quick article scrapping, check campaign blueprint and see other tools.

Kontent Machine Tutorial : How to use Kontent Machine?

Step 1: Setting up campaign

  • Content source– Built-In Article Scrapper
  • My campaign name– Blogging Campaign is included
  • My main 3 keywordsto find relevant content
  • For which tierthe content is looking for
  • Which Spinneris going to be used
  • If images and videos are inserted in the article.

Step 2: Campaign setting

  • The variations and spinner options for better improvement of the article can be decided and included in the article.

Step 3: Credentials

  • Kontent machine has the natural skill to produce different versions of the same content by spinning the content. For this reason it can produce more than one articles as desired by content machine.

Step 4: Advanced

  • Here, different audio or video clips are added with the article. Different images/audio/video files are collected from different sources and relates with the article.

Step 5: Contextual link setting

  • At the time of producing the content, it will automatically add r
  • theanchor text with given link on relevant places to make it look 100% authentic and human readable.

After the work is fully done, it will look like this

If you want to check the uniqueness of kontent machine quality, you can test it by doing a comparison within The Best Spinner. You have to just copy the part of the article and paste it in The Best Spinner. Next, you have to publish it in TBS and hit the comparison button and do a comparison of 25 to 30 articles. Normally 98% to 100% uniqueness is acquired in kontent machine quality. In kontent machine 3 review, you will get more features from this. Here, you can also add media and your personal custom tags. For that reason you can use it for outputting to Ultimate Demon and SenukeXcr as well. It is surely an influential software and you can update it regularly. For that reason, you can also follow Kontent machine 3 tutorials.

And obviously, don’t forget about kontent machine 3 discount. For that reason create your own kontent machine examples and make sure it will be fit for your need.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Kontent machine review

In every good thing there must be some demarits with it. So kontent machine also have some disadvantages. Some advantages as well as disadvantages of Kontent machine are given below:


  1. this tool is very fast.
  2. It is a perfect tool for producing articles for tier link building.
  3. With the utilization of extra tools of this software, thousands of dollars can be saved.
  4. If someone is looking for a one – stop quality solution, the kontent machine quality is best for him.


  1. Any inbuilt proxy harvester is not contained by it. So, to make it work perfectly premium proxies have to be bought.

so, get ready to work with kontent machine and get your best ever output. Save your time as well as money.