Top 10 Popular PBN Expired Domain Finder Tools 2019

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expired domain finder software


Today’s world is all about the Internet. Finding space on the internet for your website is quite interesting and difficult task. As domains provide great impact on visitors mind. Hence your domain name must be unique and brand name for your business.

Most of the people purchase new domains while other people who know about marketing strategies buy expired domains with PR for their money sites. Expired domains have Google authority backlinks, PageRank, Anchor text which is useful for your website to rank in Google search engine

Hence increase in customer and making money. also, it helps to give your business a brand name.

Expired domains are nothing but the domains that are dropped or deleted. Some owners don’t need their domains anymore so they don’t renew it. These domains are used in Private Blog Networks which are redirect to your money site to increase its authority.

If you are thinking about where to find cheap expired domain then there are lots of popular expired domain finder tools available on the internet. They give all history information about expired domains.

[1/9] Domain Hunter Gatherer: Expired Domain Analyzer

DHG is a popular professional software to get expired domain name list with highly targeted traffic. It fulfills every host’s requirements by downloading this expired domain catcher tool.

best way to buy expired domain

It has many exciting features listed below:

  • It’s a great tool which has everything you need including the search for expired web 2.0 domains.
  • Integration with third party APIS for domain Metrics.
  • A library of tutorials, 2-ebooks which guide about aged domains and PBNs.
  • Allows convenient setup as per your requirements: filters, column setup, saving setup, backlink listing.
  • A portable version that needs no installation and accessed from anywhere.
  • It provides a recovery tool that restores a snapshot of any website archived in Wayback Machine.


[2/9] Register Compass: Expired domain checker software

expired domain list with pr

After Domcop the next expired domain search engine is Register Compass. It having half inventory than Domcop but support over 6 million domains for sale with high traffic at any given period.
Register Compass does not provide a free trial of the software. You can find expired domains easily with the use of this expired domain finder PHP script.

It provides Majestic Metrics, SEMRush Metrics, Basic Moz Metrics but no spam score includes. Extensions supported are 24.
Register Compass has monthly plans less than Domcop hence you get the best package for your required domain.

[3/9] FreshDrop: Domain Auction and Domain Backorder

FreshDrop provides User Interface which is very helpful for customers for searching any domain. Its appearance makes customers relax to look up lots of domains.

Applying different filters are very easy here. Using these filters you get your required expired domain names with lots of factors.

You don’t need to subscribe here. They support free 7 days trial. You can crawl lots of domains as there is no bandwidth limit.

It offers some money back guarantee. FreshDrop provides most useful features like domain auction and domain backorder.

[4/9] DomCop: Best Expired Domain Crawler

Today’s best place for crawling expired domain is DomCop. If you are thinking about how to find quality expired domains then just go for DomCop.

DomCop has many metrics for filtering expired domain. These metrics are Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow, Moz DA and PA, PageRank, Moz Rank and also Estibot Metrics which are free for customers.

list of expired domains with traffic

DomCop has more than 21 million domains available in its inventory. You can specify 20 keywords in each job such 4 different jobs you can create. It supports 50 different extensions.

You can use free trial of this software which is beneficial for you to test its features as per your requirement. So download it now.

[5/9] PBN Lab: Get Expired Domains in Seconds

how to find expired domains with traffic free

It is also a good expired domain crawler tool on the internet. It list expired domain names with high tared traffic and PageRank.

PBN lab provides following features:

  • You can find relevant domains by using search results not using generic keyword searches on other sites or the scrap methods.
  • Ability to set up a series of searches and then let the system run
  • A library of tutorials, 2-ebooks which guide about aged domains and PBNs.
  • It is fast but not instant. The cost is somewhat high
  • You can do multiple log in.

So many hosts asked about between Xenu and PBN Lab. But Xenu is a tool designed to find deleted links.

[6/9] Expired domains buy now

It’s a free expired domain lookup analyzer. No Cost and No sign up required. It records daily deleted and dropped domains in its inventory.

It provides Metrics to find expired domain such as,

  • PageRank, Majestic trust flow, and Citation flow.
  • Alexa Traffic Rank
  • The timestamp
  • DNS availability
  • A link to back order it.

private blog network link building using expired domains

If you want to check an old domain that expired 2-3 years ago you have to check another website. It does not provide features like Domain auction, domain brokerage.

[7/9] SnapNames: An Expired Domain Catcher was founded on 2000 and acquired by in 2007. is considered by many as a one of the top expired domain platform industry.

It is the largest source of finding dropped domains and deleted domains on the internet today. It having over 10 million domains in its directory for auction.

expired domain name search tool finder is free to join. There is no fee for buying expired domains here. But if you want to sell domains as a part of SnapNames in the auction you have to pay for it.

It has a very large customer base with the flawless auction system. Brokers sell their dropped domains here. But the disadvantage is that difficult to manage purchased expired domains.

Also selling domains requires your domain to be registered with

[8/9] Expired Domain Search Tool, the recognized leader in domain appraisals launched It provides detailed analytics about daily expiring and auctioning domains. have expiring domains from all major registrars, marketplaces and backorder services. It’s the best way to kaufen expired domains.

expired domain name marketplace

It having over 7 million domain in its active database. A wide selection of finder and filter option gives you a good domain with cheap cost. is the only service that provides access to following advanced data sources:

  • domain backlink report
  • PR and Wayback crawler
  • Zone files access
  • Ownership report
  • Monitors domain

[6/9] Domain Reanimator: An Internet bot to crawl expired domains

It is an expired domain grabber software which provides domains for sale. It searches quality expired domains name database and provides you different metrics like Moz and Majestic metrics so that you can choose required expired domains which have traffic.

top popular expired domains

And now you can use these domains for building your own website or building PBN for SEO purpose to make money with your money website.


The point is simply this is one of the SEO strategies. Now, you have a chance to select any of this service for your websites. You have to simply redirect these expired domains with a backlink to your site.

These are the places to buy expired domains which will help you to solve many of your questions.

Hope this article helps you. Let us know your suggestions about this. And which product you are purchasing.

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